Welcome to Culligan of New York, your water filtration experts in the New York City area.

Culligan of New York proudly offers water treatment solutions for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. We have the equipment and experience necessary to serve all of your water needs including water filtration, reverse osmosis drinking water, bottle-free coolers and HVAC applications for both residential and commercial properties.

Drinking Water In New York City

Drinking water plays a key role in your diet and is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you have access to the highest quality and best tasting water available with a Culligan Drinking Water System. No matter what your budget or your needs, Culligan of New York has a Drinking Water Solution that is perfect for your household.

For apartment residents, a reverse osmosis drinking water system can provide many benefits and fit right under your sink. We offer larger scale filtration systems for residential buildings. Learn more about residential water treatment.

New York City Water Treatment

In addition to residential drinking water systems, we also specialize in ultra-pure (deionized) water. Ultra-pure water is necessacry for many labs and manufacturing applications.

If your building's water has a brown tint, we offer custom central water filtration systems. We also have a custom solution to clean up New York City's ground water and metalic taste. Give us a call at (212) 372-0257.

Water Treatment Testimonials

Our Culligan Man was on time and couldn't have been more helpful! He answered all of our questions and reviewed all of our water treatment options.

Jason Frank
Upper Manhattan, NY