Water Treatment For Commercial Properties In New York City

Commercial Water Treatment New York City

Culligan of New York City has a wealth of experience when it comes to creating customized water treatment solutions in and around New York City. Whether you are building a new apartment building or need to replace an aging HVAC or plumbing system, Culligan of New York City can help you. We offer the most efficient and high quality water filtrations systems designed for large scale projects. 

A Permanant Fix
A long term solution to brown water issues would be to install a central filtration system, which, if properly installed and sized, will eliminate corrosion and sediment from the water, greatly reducing noticeable water discoloration.  

Depth Water Filtration (Central Filtration Systems) 
This system is installed onto the main service lines coming in from the street to remove particles and sediment  the water picks up while traveling through the city distribution system.  The oxidation of the particles in the water can cause rusty, brown water, which is noticeable in bathtubs and plumbing fixtures; the staining of laundry; the build up of scale and rust within domestic water systems causing malfunction of check valves, circulation pumps, faucets and integral toilet parts, as well as shower bodies.  

Depth filtration can also help to eliminate scale and buildup within HVAC and other water systems, saving a lot of hassle and expense in the long run.

Check out our list of commercial industries that we routinely work with to provide New York's most trustworthy water filtration systems, or give us a call today at (212) 372-0257 to discuss your commercial water needs.